Saturday, March 27, 2010

Longest Day Ever-Take 2 (3? 4? 5?)

You will not believe my day today. I worked all night last night, sleeping only an hour and a half at around 5:30. I got up after that and I had three goals for today-pay the phone bill (since I have gotten so overwhelmed with work lately that I literally forgot to pay it), relax with Hubby, get a nap in.

Yeah, I didn't really get a chance to do any of those things.

Hubby didn't get home until 10 so I had to do all the morning stuff with the kids instead of getting ready to go out. I was just transitioning the kids (letting Hubby know who had eaten what and when everyone had last pottied/been changed) when there was a knock on the door.

It was a SURPRISE-IN-LAW-ATTACK. Before 11am. On a Saturday. My house was filthy, the kids hadn't been bathed, I wasn't even dressed! I told Hubby not to answer the door, but he couldn't see who it was. Dang it.

They stayed (and stayed and stayed) until 1. Super awesome, right? But once we finally get them out the door I hurry and and get ready thinking the day was still salvageable. Oh BOY was I wrong. I walk a mile to the store and a mile back (since we are sans car at the moment), pick up a payment card to pay my phone bill online, and as I walk up to my driveway all sweaty and nasty I see that there is a car parked there. Oh yes, I'm not kidding. This time it's my step brother, sister in law, and my nephew-they thought Monkey's birthday party was today (it is on the 10th). I like them, and I like hanging out with them, and it was an honest mistake so I'm not mad but by the time they leave at 4 I am beginning to wonder if my day can be saved.

I go online and try to pay my bill and guess what? It doesn't work. That's right, the stupid refill card thingy for some reason is a completely non functioning piece of poo. I spend about two hours trying to figure it out and make it work and in the end I just figure F* it. It's time to put the kids to bed anyway. I get all of the kids down (or as down as they are going to get since they are all congested to the point that they have difficulty laying down) and I decide I am going to hang out with Hubby, watch some tv, and color my hair since I was recently alerted to the fact that my gray hair can be seen across the room now (boo!). This was my first time dying my hair myself and the good news is that it takes me forever so I only get to spend an hour with Hubby before he goes to bed.

As soon as Hubby is in bed, the baby wakes up because her nose is stuffy and here it is almost 11:30 at night and I still have to figure out how to pay my bill online. I have a couple of other online design/coding projects to do including one for my friend Kat of Today's Cliche (which just today published my very first Q&A with should totally check it out and leave some comment love-this week I answered the questions of a man who reached a point where he suddenly stopped having sex and started fighting with his wife, and a Daddy whose daughter suddenly stopped wanting to go to visitation). I also have to fix my links in preparation for The Ultimate Blog Party 2010, and do my normal work thing tonight since it's nearing the end of the month and we need the money. Oh, and I should try to study for my GED.

You know, in pretend life where I actually have time to do things like that. I hope your weekend is going much easier on you all =)


Melissa aka Equidae said...

oh gosh certainly wasnt your day!

singedwingangel said...

If you got a prepay debit card they will not work for 24 hours after purchase for online stuff. They never tellya that crap..But try it today and it should work just fine..

Bossy Betty said...

Just reading about your day made me tired! Hope today is better for you!