Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Ten Spot: In the Tubes

Top 10 Internet Videos

10. Hamster Dance (Remix)
You don't have to tell me that I'm easily amused...but seriously? There is a hamster with a light saber in this video.

9. Evolution of Dance
It seems like every bad dance that ever existed is in this-talk about a classic!

8. Ok Go-Here It Goes Again
This concept is just SO COOL! Let's jump around on a bunch of treadmills? It sounds stupid, but they really pull it off.

7. JK Wedding Entrance Dance
Okay, I know this is stupid but this video makes me cry. It's not a sad video, I just think it's so sweet that people can be that happy when they get married.

6. 24 Hours of Mom Sayings in under 3 Minutes
All the stuff moms say, condensed and set to music-maybe our kids would listen better if everything we said came in that format.

5. Sarah Palin Rap on SNL
This is SO FUNNY-especially to watch Amy Pohler who was probably 15 months pregnant dancing around like that.

4. Man Trying to Experience Labor
He didn't last very long-and they didn't even try to make him pee a grapefruit!

3. Jim Breuer-The Joy of Parenting
I love Jim Breuer's newest stand up!

2. Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog-Laundry Day (My Freeze Ray)
I love NPH and I love Joss Whedon so naturally I love Dr. Horrible-but even if you don't have an appreciate for them, this video is really cute.

1. Jim Gaffigan-Hot Pocket
The. Funniest. Stand Up. EVER!

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dusty earth mother said...

Excellent! I had forgotten about Evolution of Dance and had to watch the whole thing over again.