Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Baby Bug is a Daddy's Girl-she has been since day one. The first thing she does in the morning is ask for him, and when it's time to go to bed she holds her hands up to him and cuddles into his arms and he carries her upstairs. As far as Daddy is concerned, all she has to do is bat her little eye lashes and blow him a kiss and he turns to butter. Don't get me wrong, she loves Mommy too-I definitely rank above most things-but I'm no Daddy.

Recently though Baby Bug has hit the terrible twos-and boy is she dramatic about it. God forbid that she should, say, see something up high that she wants but can't reach. She will literally shriek like a banshee, drop to her knees, throw her hands in the air, and then face plant (still shrieking) on the ground. She kicks, she screams-the whole shabang. And here's the thing-Daddy's world revolves around the girl but he HATES terrible twos. Nobody likes this phase, of course, but Hubby's kid pet peeve is a shrieking child who won't calm down.

Today, unfortunately, was one of those days-Baby Bug was screaming pretty much all morning for no apparent reason and bless his heart Hubby was really trying. While I was working he fed her and changed her, he tried to distract her, put her in time out, he put her in her room, took away a toy-but nothing was deterring her. Finally Hubby had had it and he dared DARED to raise his voice at his precious little rabbit. He used the mad-voice...but that's only for big brother! How could he?

She looked at him and her face said it all-with one little eyebrow raised and her hands on her hips it was obvious what she was thinking-WHAT THE FRICK WAS THAT DAD? She pivoted around, and then stormed off...straight to me.

I told her in a calm voice "Baby Bug, we don't shriek like that unless we have an owie. Do you have an owie?"

"No." She said, batting her eyes at me.

"Will you use your inside voice from now on?"

"Okay Mommy," flutter go the eyelashes, "I wuuuuuuuuuv you" and then she gave me a hug. Little did I know that she was giving Daddy the "ha HA!" look over my shoulder. That's right, she was hugging me, but what she was really doing was trying to teach mean old Daddy a lesson. I am just a pawn...but I'm low on Baby Bug snuggles so I'll take it.

Because seriously? She's just so darn cute.


Vodka Logic said...

She's a cutie.. and too smart for her own good... watch out ;)

singedwingangel said...

roflmbo nothing like ripping daddy's heart out AND stomping on it.. and of course being the mommy who helps for the sake of a snhuggle moment lol

Samantha said...

That's so cute! Bree is a daddy's girl too, and if he "yells" at her, she drops her big brown eyes, and pokes out her little lip like she's going to cry (but she doesn't) and then of course her Daddy comes running with open arms, apologizing to no end! lol