Thursday, March 18, 2010

Red Alert : Caffeine Supplies Depleted, Internet Slow

Let's take stock here....

Diet Pepsi?
Outage. I accidentally fell asleep instead of going to the store, so the apocalypse supply of Diet Pepsi is completely depleted until Hubby returns from work in the AM.


S-l-0-w-e-r than the proverbial tortoise for no apparent reason.

No Caffeine and Crappy Internet?! MrsM Mad. MrsM SMASH!

Plan of Action?
Post? Yeahnotsomuch.
I hide under the covers and wait until morning while you enjoy (or hate on) these LoLCats.


funny pictures of cats with captions


Bossy Betty said...

No Diet Pepsi in our house constitutes a Red Alert! I totally sympathize!

Samantha said...

This sort of thing happens to me when the coffee runs dry. I can't function.

Shari said...

Ha! See what happens when the caffeine angels fly away? Pandemonium.