Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Pictureless Wednesday

Today I had a pretty good day. I spent quiet time (the sacred daily ritual where all big kids go to their rooms to nap/stay quiet and leave mommy alone engage in independent play) hanging out online working diligently while The Bean rolled around playing on the floor. She loves to play and explore on the floor, but doesn't do it as much as she should/I would like because of that whole being-trampled-by-careless-older-siblings thing that I'm paranoid about. That's probably why she turned 10 months old two days ago and hadn't crawled yet.

That's right...hadn't. Our little Beanie crawled today! Okay, so it was mostly backwards. And she didn't so much crawl like you picture babies as crawling but rather got up on her knees and then pushed forward with her toes until she was flat out again (and about two inches forward of her previous position). Still, it was so cute and I am SO PROUD!

I wanted to get a picture of my last little baby crawling for the first time to show to you all (and keep in my special collection of child photo montages). I tried all day to get a picture for you. ALL. DAY. I really did, but she just wouldn't cooperate. I swear she waited until I put the camera down and then crawled on the sly. Then as soon as I picked up the camera she'd plop on the ground and roll away!

Oh well, I swear it really did happen-our littlest baby really did crawl.

It's kind of bitter sweet. The last baby I'll ever have is mobile. Is it a little pathetic that I feel like all of my children are now only seconds away from leaving the nest? Like soon they might not *sniffle* need their Mommy so much *sniffle*? I know, I know...they're 6, 2, and almost 1...but still! That's like two blinks away from teenage hood! Which we all know is only one big eye roll away from adulthood.

I'm just going to focus on being proud of their accomplishments and enjoying it while I can-so YAY for my little Beanie and her new found crawling power!

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