Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Reminder

This is why my dad and I don't have a great relationship. I had this talk with him today, and it's a miracle I didn't rip my hair out.

Me: Hey, I just wanted to remind you that Monkey's birthday party is next weekend.

Him: Thanks, anything else?

Me: Uh yeah-I'm going back to school.

Him: What for?

Me: I'm, uh, first I'm going to get my AA, then a BS majoring in Political Science and minoring in Psychology, then I'm going to go to law school.

Him: You're going to be a lawyer?

Me: That's the plan.

Him: Are you sure you can do that?

Me: Well, I'm not sure I can start this semester, but I'm doing my best.

Him: No, I just mean you have the work ethic of a five year old and fewer social skills. What makes you think you can get and keep a job?

Me: I think I'll manage.

Him: Oh really now? You should really reconsider.

Me: I'll be fine-this is what I want to do.

Him: Well that's a lot of money to spend on something you're probably going to F-up.

Me: I think the words you're searching for are 'that's so exciting, I'm really proud of you-good luck!'. [and yes I really did say exactly that]

Him: Well you're going to need luck. I'm not trying to be a jerk [HA] but if I saw a sixteen year old with a Ferrari I'd think sure it's a nice car, but it's wasted if he goes out and wrecks it. It's fine to go to college, but if you waste a hundred thousand dollar education because you can't keep a job it's just pathetic.

Me: I have no problem keeping a job, I am a stay at home mom. On purpose.

Him: You're terrible with people.

Me: Yes, there are some people I don't get along with, but no one gets along with everybody. I have no problem being professional.

Him: All I'm saying is don't F* it up.

Me: Yeah, I'll do my best.

Him: See that you do. I'm gonna go into this store now, you go bathe your kids.

Personal, professional, and parenting attacks all in one three minute conversation-and that's why, in a nut shell, my dad and I will never be close. It does, however, make me even more thankful for the wonderful people I do have in my life.

For my husband, who believes in me even more than I believe in myself and loves me more than anyone ever has.

For my kids, who look up to me.

For my friends and bloggy friends like you guys, who encourage and unconditionally support me even though for many of you I'm a perfect stranger.

For my high school government teacher, who has Facebook-ed me several very sweet messages of congratulations and been kind enough to give me some advice. He even told me he was proud of me.

Some people are jerks, and a lot of them are in my family-but instead of letting them get to me I just take it as a reminder. A time to reflect on all of the people who love and care for me-who support me and believe in me.

Thank you all.


singedwingangel said...

AWw sweetie you go out and tear through that course and get your degree not TO spite but IN spite of him... then let him sit and stew with that a bit

Chantel said...

You can do ANYTHING you set your mind and heart to. Don't let him break your spirit. You can do this.

5thsister said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Fortunately you are have wonderful people in your life that you can count on for encouragement and constructive advice. Your going to make a darn good lawyer! Congrats on going after your dream.

Nicole said...

I cannot believe what I JUST read! It breaks my heart! But I am so glad you have such a great support team and are able to overcome this ugliness! You can totally do this =D

Candy (Mama Lion) said...

i just read this post. Im so disappointed with ur dad's way of speaking to u. No one should be made to feel like that. I am an attorney myself now stay at home mom but hopefully wish to return to work one day. yes, law school is majorly hard. yes, it's SUPER expensive. BUT U CAN DO IT. of course u can do it. I think knowing what goes into it and knowing how much it costs and the value of what that money means to a family actually pushes u further to do well and excel during school. once ur there, and u will be - if u ever need any outlines, notes, tips, tricks etc - just email me girlfriend! xo best of luck and love.