Friday, April 2, 2010

Buy It Now

This week for Writer's Workshop, Mama Kat asked us to name our top ten spring trends. I thought it would be fun to do that prompt because I am seriously THE most fashionless woman on the planet. Ask anyone I know-I wear exactly what I want to wear, which has been pretty much the same since the beginning of time. I am trend-proof. Still, here are five things (you think I can come up with ten?) that I have always loved that I am glad to see again. Hello old friends....

Polka dots are back!! I am so glad because I wear them whenever possible. Now I can be cool again (for a minute).

Knee high socks! I am so ahead of this curve, baby. I bought TWO pairs this winter and wear them all the time. Maybe now that they're cool people will stop rolling their eyes at me.
Ripped jeans are back from the dead! (Or so says my Google research) That's pretty convenient since I am both broke and a fan of comfy worn in pants.

Boyfriend sweaters-yay again! I love long baggy sweaters-they are my preferred kind, especially when they come in cardigan form.

Bring me your pastels and florals, your ruffles and your your silky fabrics-feminine is in again! And seriously, I'm so glad.

I may be totally dense when it comes fashion and trends and stuff, but when the things I love start popping up in stores all the time I can only think one thing-I better buy them up fast before they disappear again!

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The Empress said...

Oh, I know, I used to be cute. I have a picture in my wallet to prove it.

It's come to that.

Adorable post. Thank you for bringing this to mind...:)