Sunday, April 25, 2010

So Totally LOST

Unless you live in a cave/under a rock you probably know that this is the last season of Lost. Most of you have probably been following it-I, on the other hand, am playing catch up. I watched the first three seasons of Lost regularly and I have to admit-I got so incredibly frustrated with the crazy go-no-where-totally-confused-and-definitely-LOST "plot". I couldn't follow anything! I couldn't even care about the characters because there were so many of them and we never stayed with any of them long enough so I just gave up.

Still, when I heard it was the last season of Lost I figured I would give it another go. Am I any less frustrated? Does the plot make any more sense? No-but after season 4 I actually started caring about the characters (at least, about the ones whose names I can remember). I just finished Season 5, episode 10 [don't follow the link if you don't want to know everything about that episode!] and I am still totally confused.

--Why does the island have magical powers/give people magical powers?

--Who is bad and who is good? 'Cause pretty much everybody seems to be bad to one degree or another at the moment. On that note, why do they keep trying to make Lock a good guy? 'Cause I really kinda hate him. And why do they try to make Jack a bad guy? 'Cause I really like him.

--That one guy-the Others guy-never ages...why not?

--How am I supposed to figure out this time shift changey thingy? ARRRRRG!

Despite my frustrations though, I'm going to press on. My plan is to watch all the episodes fast enough to watch the series finale on TV with the rest of the whole wide world. If you want to catch up on Lost you can watch it, in it's entirety from Season 1 Episode 1, on Hulu.

P.S. As I was writing this I was also watching S5 E11 and can I just say-I'm glad that Hurley and Sees-dead-people-guy are just as confused about the time shifty thing as I am!

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Vodka Logic said...

I was into Lost until it so long a hiatus that I "lost" the plot.. now I don't care.

My daughter still follows but I think she is confused too...

I love hulu