Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Ten Spot: Dance Dance Revolution

The Top 10 Dance Songs of All Time
Please note: I do not dance, at all, whatsoever due to the fact that I am the most uncoordinated person on earth. I have actually literally tripped while standing still so I avoid tempting gravity altogether. I do however enjoy some good dance music-like these songs....

10. The Macarena (Los del Rio)
Come on-admit it. You know this dance. You could do it in your sleep. Seriously, I was like 12 when this song came out and even I knew how to Macarena-I didn't know what all the dirty words in it meant though. That I learned much later (thankfully).

9. Days Go By (Dirty Vegas)
I think this is the very first techno song I ever heard and I still love it. Something about that electronic voice modulator thingy is just awesome.

8. Heart of Glass (Blondie)
This song may have come out before I was born, but it is eternally cool. Most people may think of Stayin' Alive, or KC and the Sunshine Band, but when I think disco this song is IT for me.

7. Sandstorm (Da Rude)
You will either love or hate this song-but even if you hate it you won't be able to keep your toes from tapping...that's why this trance-techno masterpiece has been remixed so many times (I am especially fond of the Darude/Cosmic Gate Exploration of Sandstorm Space Mix).

6. Smurf Rave (Happy Hardcore Techno)
If you like techno or smurfs and you haven't heard this yet-please do. It's just cool on every level.

5. Groove is in the Heart (Dee Lite)
Come on-it has groove in the title! You know you want to every single time you hear this song.

4. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Dead or Alive)
I definitely like the old school version way better (aren't the originals always better?) but this song in almost any form is dance-worthy.

3. Can't Get You Outta My Head (Kylie Minogue)
And by "you" she means "this song". It really sticks with you-after you hear it you will be dancing around 'la la la'ing to yourself for weeks, but it's totally worth it.

2. Around the World (ATC)
This song is awesome enough that it almost, almost makes even me want to dance. It's just such great techno and is totally mixable. I love ATC/Eiffel 65 and ATC/Vengaboys remixes because they never fail to put a bounce in my step.

1. Rockafeller Skank (Fat Boy Slim)
Check it out now....funk soul brotha....Oh yeah. If I could dance at all it would be to this song. Yes I know it's cheesy and it doesn't make any sense but it may or may not get me to make arm movements (what kind I'll never tell) and for that I am eternally a fan.

What do you dance (or wish you could dance) to?

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Bossy Betty said...

Love your list! "Funkytown" would be on my own list!