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All day long I'm going to be posting Lost Fun Facts and fan lists...all leading up to the LIVE LOST finale chat at 7pm PST!

Alllllllright, now that I'm done rounding up my finale dinner/snacks (chicken fettuccine alfredo with garlic bread and strawberry wine, with S'more ice cream for dessert) I'm ready to post some fun "Lostie stuff"!

Top ten reasons why Lost fans are super cool (Courtesy of my Friend Angela)

#10: Instead of saying "This is the next to last episode of Lost" they say "This is the PENULTIMATE episode of Lost...but I am not sure it really felt like a true penultimate episode."

#9 - We find religious symbolism in topics like time-traveling bunnies and monsters made of smoke.

#8 - We have our own encyclopedia.

#7 - We look for situations to appropriately ... or sometimes inappropriately use the phrase "Live together or Die Alone."

#6 - Our devotion does not waiver even when people make fun of us.

#5 - We can laugh at ourselves.

#4 - Season Finale party plans would rival the Oscars

#3(with apologies to Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20) - We're really not crazy, we're just a little not well...we know, right now you can't tell, but just wait til after the finale and a different side of us you will see. :-)

#2 - Unbridled enthusiasm. Yes, we really do realize that Lost is just a TV show, but to us, Season 6 is our "March Madness"---The Finale is our Superbowl... :-)

#1 Reason Why LOST Fans Are Super Cool: We support the second amendment only because we know that guns may come in handy. Cuz guess what? We might have to shoot a bear! And not just any bear...a POLAR BEAR. :-)

Fun Facts
*In the original script Jack, at that time slated to be played by Michael Keaton, was written to die at the end of the two-part pilot episode.

*Matthew Fox, Dominic Monaghan, and Jorge Garcia all auditioned for the role of Sawyer.

*LOST had the most expensive pilot in ABC history.

Six Degrees of Lost

We all know that the Losties are all connected. Will we figure out why tonight? Here are the connections I could think of...

Passed Boone in the Australian police station
Slept with Mary Jo, who pulled Hurley's winning numbers
Met Gordy at a diner where Kate's mom was a waitress
Did "the Tampa job"-which Kate's cop husband busted

The Daughter of the man Jin was supposed to assassinate was watching a news piece about Hurley winning the lottery

Owns the box company John Locke works for
Hired his manager at Mr. cluck's to work at the box factory, where he was John Locke's boss
Commented on a Drive Shaft CD in a store
Sponsored Henry Gale's ballone (which was made by Widmore Labs)

Saved his wife Sarah over Adam Rutherford, who was Shannon's father/Boone's step father
Met Desmond while running up and down the stadium steps

Was on TV in Sam Austen's office while Kate was there
Met Sam Austen, who was carrying a younger picture of Kate
Interacted with Kelvin Inman who later trained Desmond at the Swan station

Inspected a house that Nadia was planning to buy
's Mother went to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute with Hurley and Libby
watched Expose (as did Hurley) which guest starred Nikki
His father conned Sawyer's parents

Met Sawyer at an Australian bar
Hired/traveled with Ana Lucia
Father to both Jack and Claire

investigated the miracle that happened to the daughter of the man who told Claire that he was psychic and sent her on the plane

Met Libby in a cafe and she gave a race boat to him
Tries to buy an engagement ring for Penny from Eloise Hawking in 1996, but she refuses because she knows he has to go to the island

She, along with Sun and Juliet's sister, all used Widmore Labs pregnancy tests
Saved Sawyer's ex girlfriend from being caught doing a jewelry con

Stopped a mugger from attacking Nadia

Watcched an episode of Expose with Nikki dubbed over in Korean

Richard Alpert
Was at the hospital where Locke was born and saw him again when he was 5

Met Kate as a child when she was stealing
Met Sawyer at his parent's funeral
Met Jin and Sun at their wedding
Met Locke when he was pushed from the window by his father
Met Jack at the hospiatl
Met Sayid at the moment that Nadia was killed
Met Hurley when he left prison

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