Saturday, May 22, 2010

Live Lost Party at My Place-You're Invited!!

The west coast is awesome for so many, many reasons. We have gorgeous weather, and nice people, and a general laid back atmosphere of acceptance mixed with a little kick of funky/eclectic taste-let's face it, the west coast is where it's at, with one teeny tiny exception. During season finale time we are always the last (in the continental US) to know how tv shows end! Usually it's an annoyance, but for the season finale of Lost I find it to be just plain tragic. My friends in the East are going to know how the series ends before I even start watching!

Oh west coast, this TV problem is your near fatal flaw.

So how do we bring that special zing to the west coast viewing when 2/3 of the country has already seen the finale? I'll tell you how-we'll commemorate it right here with our very own LOST LIVE CHAT PARTY!

Oh yes, you read right. We west-coasters [and east-coasters who won't post spoilers LoL] can ring out the Lost two and a half hour series finale by hanging out in my live chat party! Want to exchange WTH?! 's with people? Want to talk during commercials? Do it here on Sunday at 7pm----Pacific Standard time of course. I will set up a chat box so that we can all hang out and talk about the very last episode all the way down to the very last minute (and let's face it, afterward). Don't miss out, this is going to be awesome!!!

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