Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Man Hunt

Way back in Ye Olden Tymes when I was a young teen, before I ever met Hubby, I had a list as long as my leg. It wasn't for Christmas presents-it was for The One. The list of all the things The One had to be and do. I'll have to admit I was pretty specific, even as a high school freshman, about the man I wanted to end up with someday-I like to think that's why my husband was the third boy I ever kissed, the second one I ever dated, and the only one I've ever slept with. Meeting the criteria for being with me was like getting in to MENSA...only harder. That's why when Mama Kat decided to ask what 50 things we look for in men during this week's Writer's Workshop, I thought it would be fun to look back and think about what I used to require (and remember all of the ways that Hubby has met and exceeded everything I ever hoped for)...

The man of my dreams...

1. Must believe in God. I prefer someone who is Christian, but unorthodox like I am.

2. Must be intelligent. The smarter the better-preferably smarter than me.

3. Must love children and want to have a bunch of their own.

4. Must be "political"-ability to debate is keeps me on my mental toes.

5. Must love to read. A love of classics in particular is a bonus.

6. Must be a total geek...thus making it easier to accept my total geekness.

7. Must be passionate. I want someone who will come home and throw me up on the counter.

8. Must be romantic. I also want someone who will write me a love-post-it and stick it on the bathroom mirror.

9. Must love to philosophize. I want long hours of discussion over the meaning of life here.

10. Must be worth staying up all night just talking to.

11. Must respect my independence, but not be afraid to put me in my place when I'm wrong.

12. Must be a protector-it's us versus the world, and I want someone whose got my back.

13. Must be kind to everyone smaller and less fortunate than he is.

14. Must be gentle in spirit and action.

15. Must be manly-that means no skinny jeans, no eyeliner, no long hair, no waxing/manicures/manscaping.

16. Must make me feel pretty, even when I'm not.

17. Must make me feel wanted, even when I'm not.

18. Must share covers nicely. (Okay so Hubby doesn't do that very well, but he's always willing to let me snuggle closer to get a corner of the blanket).

19. Must love music-especially from the 90s, 60s, 50s, and 40s in that order.

20. Must be generous toward everyone.

21. Must never, ever hit anyone except in defense of himself or the defenseless.

22. Must have never ending patience.

23. Must also have a bottomless well of forgiveness (I am super flawed).

24. Must agree never to go to bed angry.

25. Must think I'm cute without any make up on.

26. Must be sentimental, and remember the first everything.

27. Must be flexible on everything from schedules to lifestyle choices.

28. Must be open minded, even about things he disagrees with.

29. Must find my flaws endearing.

30. Must be willing to be silly. In public. Bonus points for fake accents.

31. Must sing to me, regardless of ability.

32. Must be creative-paint, draw, write, build...something.

33. Must work with his hands-because that's hot.

34. Must be willing to do marathons of all kinds. Marathon TV watching, marathon reading, marathon...other stuff.

35. Must be stable and reliable.

36. Must have an unflappable temperment.

37. Must be able to sit in silence together, each doing our own thing-and like it.

38. Must have strong arms. To lift things like heavy boxes-also good for sweeping me off my feet, which must be done at least once.

39. Must have impeccable manners, and use them as appropriate, but not be stuck up.

40. Must be loved by children and animals-because they really know how to tell a good person.

41. Must be a homebody.

42. Must appreciate what we have, not gripe about what we don't.

43. Must be a hard worker-results are not important, but effort is.

44. Must not mind when I make him open all his presents early and then insist on buying more for the actual holiday/celebration.

45. Must be able to make sense out of the following: "You know that thingy with that guy at the one thing? Wasn't that awesome?"

46. Must never, ever call me stupid. I'd prefer he didn't even think it.

47. Must be a good listener, and give good advice.

48. Must always say "I love you" before leaving the house, going to bed, or hanging up.

49. Must never be too tired for a kiss-even if I wake him up to get it.

50. Must love and respect me for who I am and accept me as I grow and change, but never try to change me.

After looking at that list, I have to say that it is even more apparent to me that Hubby is my perfect match-created especially for me by The Almighty Himself...otherwise there is just no way he could have lived up to all of that and more.


Heather said...

Wow, I didn't know there were two of them. Well except for a very few that are unimportant to me and never would have made my klist in the first place (I am NOT sentimental :)) Very cool.

Erin said...

I'm adding #'s 6-10 to my list. Also, loved 33, 34, and 45. You talk like me..."The thingy at the thingy."