Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Age of Questions

Apparently, six is when all the big questions come into play...

What does it mean when someone dies?
Why can't we live forever?
Where is heaven?
What does God look like?
How do we know God is real if we can't see Him and we can't visit Him in heaven until we die?
Why doesn't anyone come back from heaven?
Will I go to heaven?
Who else is in heaven?
How did God make heaven?
How does God make babies?
Why is a girls' penis different than my penis?
When you were a little girl did you...lie?...get in trouble?...hit your sisters?...throw fits?...have a mom?...miss your Nana?

Monkey asked all those questions before bed in a single night! I pride myself on being honest with the kidlets, but I don't think I've said "I don't know" so much in my life! That, along with Monkey's sudden interest in my crappy childhood, make me feel all kinds of awkward...still, I love that he is asking the big questions. I know a lot of things change over the years, and that kids go through a lot of phases, but I sincerely hope that his desire to know more only gets stronger as he gets older.

I also hope I can read enough to keep up with him!

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Vodka Logic said...

That's really cute.. mine only ask for money now... sigh