Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bad Blogger. Bad.

First I have to say-I am pleasantly surprised to find you all still hanging out. I have been the absentee landlord of blog land for the last, er, longer than I'd like to admit and I think you all are super sweet for continuing to follow me. I know it's no excuse but I have been superduperbusy lately. Let's see...

Summer quarter went until August 18th and can I just say-it's been a looooooong time since I took any kind of final. That was stomach-churn-ing-ly unpleasant. The good news is I did well. I was happy to finish my quarter with an A in Political Science 201, an A in Philosophy of Religion, and a B in Math, though I was very disappointed to find out that they don't add pluses or minuses to college grades. I came in sooooo close to an A with an 89.25% in Math, I'm just saying it would have been nice to see that B+ as an extra little "I did my best" boost. Plus I would have gotten an A+ in both of my other classes, and that just looks awesome. I really enjoyed my Political Science class but my favorite last quarter was, surprisingly, my philosophy class. So much so that I've decided to double major. A double major in Political Science and Philsophy with a minor in Chinese Language and Culture? I know, I'm crazy. Still, move over pottery...all my electives will now revolve around Nietzsche! Fall quarter I will not be taking philsophy (it didn't fit in my schedule...awww...) but I will be taking Introduction to Chinese, Political Science 202, and Writing 121. Classes start on the 20th!

Also newsworthy, Hubby will be joining me at school starting this fall quarter. He was wrongfully terminated from his job (loooooooooooong story) and we're fighting with them in arbitration, but while we've been trying to work through that whole messy process we came to the conclusion that if Hubby went back to school he could get a way better job once he got out. Like maybe one that didn't fire him for no reason. If they give him his job back he'll take it of course-food doesn't grow on trees. Okay so it does, but most of the trees around here just have leaves and occassionally those poisonous little berry looking things...and rent definitely doesn't grow on any trees I know of. Anyway, even if he does get to go back Hubby has decided he wants to keep going to school to do something with science. One day he says he wants to do engineering, and the next he says he wants to do some kind of theoretical/academic science-y thing, but he has a while before he really has to decide and I completely support him no matter what. That's why I have been up to my eyeballs getting all his paperwork in at the last minute. [And YIKES that is a lot of paperwork!]

The kids have all been great. Monkey is looking forward to doing all of my Chinese homework with me, Baby Bug is growing like a crazy dandelion and learning something new every day (like how to paint like Picasso with your poop-ARG toddlers!), and The Bean is getting more and more of her own personality every day. We are still loving unschooling and are going through a really fun foreign film phase. We have been on the hunt for cute foreign kids movies or TV shows and we've found some that are really lovely. I think it's so cool how cartoon animals reach across oceans and language/cultural barriers-the kids will laugh their butts off even if they don't understand a word they are saying!

I think that's about it. No wait! I dyed my hair dark brown. It. Is. Awesome. (I'll have to take a picture for Wordless Wednesday.) and it totally covers up all the gray hair I'm getting from my superduper schedule! I hope you have had a great summer-I'm looking forward to getting back into the bloggy swing of things and catching up with you all!

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Melissa aka Equidae said...

wow that is a lot of work! wish you all the best dear