Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Wanna Talk About....Marriage

This week's "I Want to Talk About Me" is all about Marriage and Husbands. Hop on over to my friend Lisa's and join up!

1. Are you married? If so, how long?
Our next wedding anniversary will be our 4th, but we will celebrate 8 years together November 7th, on our real anniversary. I think I deserve credit for the first 5 years of our relationship when we fell in love, lived together, worked hard, and had a baby together...don't you?

2. In your current (or last) relationship, who used the L word first?
Hubby told me he thought he was falling in love with me on our very first date. Of course I was already thinking it the moment I saw him so I said it back and it's been true ever since.

3. What is your ultimate romantic date?
I don't think I even know anymore. We've only been on two official dates in 6 years! We used to love going to the beach and walking through all the little shops on the coast. Especially the antique book stores and ice cream shops. Then we would just walk the beach for hours. That was nice. It also always ended in sex...which is also nice.

4. Weddings: traditional or elope to Vegas?
For us? Elope, elope, a thousand times elope. We did (although not to Vegas) and we are SO GLAD. No family drama, no huge bill, no anxiety that something will go wrong. We got married in a gazebo at the park and it was great. Some people want the big flouncy wedding and their whole family there and I think those weddings are a lot of fun to go to (as a guest) but I was just not interested in having one.

5. For the married/engaged ladies: did you have a say in your engagement or wedding ring?
I bought it myself! We aren't very traditional (obviously) so when we finally decided to get officially legally married I just went to the store and picked the ring I liked.

6. What first attracts you to the opposite sex?
Physically it's always the eyes first, then smile, then arms. Emotionally it's all about stability and patience. And he's got to be on top of his mental game before I would even consider looking twice. I'm so glad I found Hubby-he has an extra heaping dose of hotness, patience, and smartness.

7. Do you believe in living with someone before marrying them? What about pre-martial sex?
I think that's up to each couple. Hubby and I were together for 4.5 years and lived together for 3 years before we got married and I think it worked great for us because we have the strongest, happiest marriage we know. Some people don't want to do it that way and that's cool each their own...but I think that living together and having sex before marriage (if approached with sincerity and respect) can have certain benefits as well.

8. What do you get for the husband who has everything???
XBox Live points [although I suppose you'd have to get him an XBox first if he didn't have one] and sexual favors are appropriate for any occasion.


Melissa aka Equidae said...

we will be married 5 years in April and we got married on the day of our first date which happened 4 yrs earlier :) I cant believe the time has paased

Just Lisa said...

I love this! I'm so glad I'm not the only one in blogland who did the nasty with her man before getting married! ;)