Saturday, October 23, 2010



Just wanted to get that out there, though the thought of it makes me throw up in my mouth a little. I am generally adverse to change of any kind, and I tend to take differences in my life or schedule similar to the way a cat would if you tried to flush it down the toilet. Still, as you may have noticed lately, there is a greater theme going on in my life right now and that happens to revolve around c-h-a-n-g-e.

You've probably also noticed that I have been talking a lot lately about the idea that I want to be able to say whatever I want on my blog. I have opinions about stuff-why don't I write about politics or religion or philosophy or how much I can't stand people who are famous only for being famous?

Because I'm chicken, that's why. I'm afraid that writing about politics on my mommy blog is too divisive. That if I write about religion people will get hurt, or that if I write about philosophy my audience will be bored, or if I let it be known that I am a smoker that everyone will jump ship on my blog....I worried and fretted and vexed myself into a flat, two dimentional corner of blog land where if I write about anything more than poop or homeschool I have anxiety about how it will be received.

And then, just lately, I realized what I knew but hadn't been realizing-no one is two dimensional. Not me, and not you. You probably get sick of reading about poop. Maybe you like politics. Maybe you think it's interesting to read about religion.

One or two of you might even be smokers.

I had built you all, my audience, up on such a high pedestal that I began assuming you were only interested in talking about your life long devotion to your families and what the best zucchini bread recipe is. Now I realize that while we all obviously think those things are important [especially the zucchini bread, right? : )], we all have other things to talk about too.

So I guess what I'm saying is, I want to talk about everything. Kids and husbands, work and school, religion and politics, books and websites, celebrities and other annoyances, TV shows, and what it's like to be a smoker in a country which equates smoking with taking a dump on a public sidewalk...and I don't think that I can do that under the I've Changed My Name to Mommy brand. I love my blog, and it's not ending-it' just growing and changing a little.

While I'm in the process of rebranding, I want your input! What are you interested in? What do you like to talk about? What do you think about rebranding...will you keep following me? What kind of celebration do you think we should have once I'm ready to premiere my rebranded site? Giveaways? Contests?

You know, even though I don't like change, I think this may be fun.

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Melissa aka Equidae said...

I changed my own blog to living simply now. it is more the state of mind i am in so and i have actually earned a couple of new followers somehow. go aheadwith the change after all life is not static