Friday, October 8, 2010

Tutu Dress Fairy

I did finally decide for sure and for certain that Baby Bug is going to be a fairy this Halloween-the only problem was that I didn't want her to be dressed as Princess Fairy McSlutSlut, which seemed to be the only available option at our local store. Seriously-I don't care how cool it is, I am not putting my toddler in a dress that is super tight on top and only comes half way down her thigh-she can wait until she's sixteen to dress up like that for Halloween, just like I did.

So rather than go the premade slut-o-vision version of fairy-ness, I decided to make her a fairy dress from scratch. There were a lot of good patterns and options out there, but none of them were unique enough (or easy enough) until I found directions for a no sew tutu.

I didn't want to go for the straight up tutu because I knew that it would be difficult to tell if she was a ballerina or a fairy so I made my own version-a longer tutu dress! It is a halter dress, which she will be wearing with tights and a leotard underneath to stay warm (because the dress has no sleeves and is sheer). I put flowers at the top and throughout the skirt, added a little bit of ribbon, and voila!

Baby Bug's Garden Fairy Halloween Costume
[As made by a not-terribly-crafty-mom in about 2 hours]

Adorable, right? I am so proud of myself!! Of course, now I am feeling a bit of Mommy guilt over the fact that Monkey and The Bean both have store bought costumes while Baby Bug's were hand made, but I guess there is always next year. What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Do you make or buy costumes?

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Melissa aka Equidae said...

well done! crafts and me are really not the in thing! Anyhow halloween only recently started coming into our country and its only like in certain areas and parties nothing big. So no costume though even when we celebrated carnival he didnt have any costume...dont know its just for my own pleasure to put him in a costume at this age so i dont