Friday, October 29, 2010

Voting is Sexy

Voting will make your teeth whiter*. Voting makes your hair shiny**, your cheeks rosy***, and your breath smell like a field of fresh mint.**** Voting helps you lose those last 10lbs.*****

You know you want Google Maps will tell you exactly where to go to cast your vote!

Voting is the most important civic duty you have******. Make a difference, make yourself heard, and help your community and country grow!

Happy Election Day!

*Teeth will show more as a consequence of smiling. Teeth may or may not actually be objectively "whiter".
**Hair will shine in the sunlight surrounding ballot box. Shine may or may not be directly enhanced by the act of voting.
***The thrill of voting has been known to cause a flush of excitement. If flush of excitement continues more than an hour or you experience unusual heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, or blurry vision call your doctor immediately.
****This statement is only applicable to people who are chewing gum at the time of ballot casting.
*****Hey-it could happen.
******According to some Political Science students(1), voting and jury duty are tied for the most important civic duties you have.

(1) M, Mrs. "Voting is Sexy." November 2, 2010. Blurted. Web. November 2, 2010.

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The Lovely One said...

Voting makes you lose the last 10 pounds??? I knew there was a reason I voted! :)