Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guess What I Am Doing Right Now

Not homework, that's for sure. I have had it up to my eyeballs with homework, so I'm going to check out on the paper writing until at least Sunday afternoon.

Aren't I a good student? [Actually, I kind of am but procrastinating still makes me feel guilty.]

This weekend I've decided to do fun things instead. Today I taught Monkey how to play Uno-I can't believe how big he is! Old enough to play card games and everything (cue sentimental eye mist). I also played dress up with Baby Bug and sang with The Bean and made special trail mix for the kidlets for snack. Tonight I'm going to relax with Hubby and watch Bones and Big Bang Theory.

Yeah, that's way better than writing two sample introductions for my rhetorical analysis paper.

Tomorrow I am planning to sleep in. Like, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way in until I wake up on my own. It's a glorious thing. When I do wake up, we're going to do a lot of fun fall stuff. The babies and I are going to make pecan pie from scratch. Then when Hubby gets home from his midterm I'm going to take a walk with the big kids to collect leaves and acorns so we can come home and make collages! There will be much glitter involved.

And we all know that glitter is far superior to a six page paper on national policy issues.

On Saturday we are all going to have a family movie day. All pajamas, all movies, all the time.

It totally beats going over my citation page.

Sunday of course is our eight year anniversary. I am really hoping that we can find a babysitter so Hubby and I can go watch a movie and go out to dinner, but we'll see. Even if we just stay in and have an early bedtime for the kids and a fireplace snuggly night for us I think that would be lovely...

...and much more important than any of that school stuff. Eight years is basically a third of my life after all-and I can't imagine a better way to celebrate these last eight years with the love of my life than by spending time with my Hubby and the beautiful family we've created.

For now, school can wait.


The Lovely One said...

Happy anniversary! Enjoy your weekend of fun!

Melissa aka Equidae said...

happy anniversary and yes a weekend like that once in a while is far superior than any work wether its got to do with school or not- enjoy! BTW not sure if I told you like the new look!