Monday, November 22, 2010

All About Thanksgiving

Due to the crazy number of papers I've had to think about (the end of Fall quarter is only 4 classes away!) I'm afraid I have sorely neglected my blog (and sleep)...and sadly that includes a favorite Monday meme of mine-All About Me Monday. Luckily I am sick today and now I have time to do things besides school...and just in time for the Thanksgiving edition of All About Me Monday!


1. What is your most favorite thing about Fall?
Pies. I don't really eat pies (mostly just Quiche Florentine and Pecan on special occasions) but I love making pies. It makes my house warm and yummy smelling, and whoever I give them to is always extra grateful when Christmas comes around.

2. How many Thanksgiving tables will you dine at this year?
Two. We will have a Thanksgiving meal here on Wednesday and then we will go to my parent's house for Thanksgiving.

3. Turkey for dinner? Or something else?
We are going to have ham this year (and mashed potatoes, and deviled eggs, and cranberries, and green beans, and yams) but my parents always have Chinese food. That's why we do real Thanksgiving food at our house first.

4. Do you stuff your turkey? Do you eat that stuffing?
When we do have turkey I put a heated, punctured orange in the middle it makes it really moist and I don't have to worry about the turkey not cooking.

5. Who will be attending your Thanksgiving dinner?
At our house just us (unless we have an unexpected guest, which we're cool with). When we go to my parents it will be my dad, my step mom, my sister, my brother in law, my niece, my husband, me, and the kidlets with possible guest appearances from my step sister (with her boyfriend) and my step brother (with my step sister in law and my nephew)...but pretty much everybody likes to have Thanksgiving at their in-laws houses since they have Thanksgiving with turkey instead of orange chicken.

6. What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?
Hmmm....that's hard. I think probably deviled eggs.

7. For the dieters: what are you doing to prepare for the gluttony of Thursday?
I'm exercising all week-no excuses! I don't really diet (my problem is remembering to eat at all!) but I know I'm going to have to put in the extra squats for ham AND sweet and sour chicken.

8. Will you go shopping on Black Friday?
Hell no. I will not come within 1000 feet of that insanity. I will be home in my warm cuddly bed, sleeping, far away from the crazy hair ripping people fighting over the last pink cardigan. I don't even leave the house until after 4pm on Black Friday for fear I'll run into someone on a crazy shopping high in traffic.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Are you one of the Black Friday crazies? Hook up with All About Me Monday!

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The Lovely One said...

I'll link it up for you! The one week I forget!

You're going to exercise ALL week??? That's crazy talk! I need to have that kind of dedication, but I'm too lazy!