Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Coolest Thing Ever?

Unless you are married to my husband, or one just like him, you may not know what the picture to the left is exactly. Let me explain it to you.

To normal people, it is a plastic shelf. One that grocery stores use to display products-milk and bug spray for instance. To normal people (me, you, people no longer living in college dorms) this is, essentially, trash.

To my husband this is like finding treasure.

You see my husband is a mechanic in his heart who unfortunately must have a 9-5 in the grocery industry. To bridge this gap between Hubby's passion and hubby's job, we plan on getting an oversized garage for him when we buy a house. Someday when we buy a house. Currently we live in an 800 square foot 2 bedroom apartment. Which my husband is doing his best to fill with this plastic shelving under the guise that it is "furniture".

I'm sorry to those I might offend, but unless you are living in a dorm or in your first apartment plastic items do not qualify as furniture. Especially not plastic items with bug spray logos on the side.

When my husband brought home the first one-it's about 7 feet tall, bright yellow, with OFF! bug spray logos all over it-I thought he had lost his flipping mind. After some...discussion...I gave in and allowed him to put it in our room figuring we could put all our extra clothes on it (did I mention our apartment is 800 sqare feet?) while keeping it hidden from view. Despite his claim that this was valid furniture, I knew he was really furnishing his future dream garage so I cut him some slack. A man's gotta have some dreams.

But then he brought home another one. This one was only about 4 feet tall and was plain white with no logos on it so once again I figured FINE. We'll put it in another closet (away from public view) and use it as an organizer. Whatever. But I still made him promise not to bring another one home. We only have so many closets!

Then I open the door last night for my husband what do I see except a 5ft 6in black plastic shelf. And I laughed in my husband's face and he gave me an excited look and said "WAIT! You haven't seen the best part!"

The best part turned out to be a rather large sign with various types of tropical alcohol on it.

The best part. Hurmph.

The REAL best part is that the margarita monstrocity is now sitting in my living room, evoking images of college kid apartments, just waiting for my mother in law to see it.....and my husband and our son think that it is THE COOLEST THING EVER.

If they weren't so cute.....