Thursday, March 27, 2008


I am mentally ill. I can't stop making layouts. In my defense, I just learned how to use a background image over the entire blog rather than just using a solid color. I HAD to try it. It's like if your favorite candy had a new flavor.

Mmmmmmm....this new layout is tasty. What do you think?

I think that no matter how I promise to the contrary, I will tweak this blog over and over again to appease my sick need to find something better. So instead of promising that I'm going to stop changing I'm going to say that I promise to strive to bring you the best looking layout I know how to achieve. That seems more do-able.

And promises should be do-able. This is one of the many things I have learned as a parent-when it comes to promises aim low. That way you know you can always keep your promises and remain trustworthy in your kid's eyes.

DO NOT, for example, promise your child that they can go out and play in the next snowfall unless you really really mean it. Even if it is mid-March and there is "no way" it will snow again this season.

Is it overly egocentric to think that God made it snow on March 26th to teach me a valuable lesson in parenting? Probably. But even if it was just a happy coincidence, I have certainly learned my lesson. You can always do more than you promise and it will be happily received. You can never do less than you promise without compromising your esteem in someone else's eyes.

Especially in the eyes of a snow crazy 4 year old with a memory that'll blow your mind.


Erin said...

I like seeing a new layout every time...keeps it very interesting : ) And if I didn't like my layout so much I would be changing it every day!

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

Your layout is really cool!

I'm glad it's interesting for you to see the change. I'm still gonna try to tone it down a bit. TRY. No promises.

Wifey said...

I like this one a lot! I just won a blog makeover, so mine will be changing soon, too!

Becoming Me said...

Addicted eh? My blog could use a free makeover. JK. I like the bright new look...the photo is a wee bit depressing to me though...but don't change anything on my account. You are very talented.

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

Thanks guys!

Wifey-Congrats on your win! I can't wait to see what your page looks like :)

Me-Thanks. About the picture-why do you think it's depressing? Maybe you're seeing something that I missed! I just saw it as kind of a "I'm so busy I don't even have time to undress for a bath" thing. But maybe I'm nieve (totally possible). If it's inappropriate, please let me know!

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

Me-I was going to email about it but I didn't see a link on your page...if you want help with your layout I'd be happy to do it! I am making layouts like crazy and it would probably be good for me to send em on to someone else's blog for a while.

If you're interested, just toss me an email and tell me what you were thinking.

Suzie said...

OK now I'm begining t agree with you you may have a little lay out addiction. You never know what you're going to get when you go to your page. Looks nice though

Person(Also Known As Mommy) said...

Thanks, suzie. Since getting Becoming Me's comment I have been thinking it might be a good idea to offer to do blog layouts for other people. That way I can still give in to the addiction without making my page change every 5 seconds.

Want a new layout? :)

Angela said...

Hi! This is Angela from Becoming Me. I hope I didn't make you feel paranoid about the picture. I don't think it was inappropriate, but I like your new one better. Very funny. I tried e-mailing you but the link didn't work. Hmmm. Can you at least get to my blogs from the comments?