Sunday, April 13, 2008

Would You Let People Velcro Things To Your Head?

Okay, disagree if you want to, but this is TOTALLY my pet peeve.

What is with the way that people dress their babies?!

They may be small, but they're people too!! Would you go outside in a horizontal striped blue and white shirt tucked into blue stretch shorts with a black beret and sneakers? You couldn't pay me to walk around my living room like that! And yet.....

It's even worse with little girls! Would you ever allow someone to stick a bow half the size of your head on top of your hair?! HECK NO! Still, how many baby girls do you see like this?
And the worst part is that people think it's cute!! I mean, I'm sure the baby is cute, but how can you look past the circus clothes??? This is so unfair to children! What about their dignity? They're not cabbage patch dolls, people! They aren't there to be dressed for your amusement. I mean sure-if you find clothes that are cute it's awesome. I LOVE dressing my kids in cute clothes. But still I think parents should consider.....


If the answer is no, perhaps you should redress your child.


Erin said...

Totally agree!

Becoming Me said...

How you can be so doggone funny when having gallbladder issues is beyond me. I do agree with you and my hubby agrees more passionately. I have to say though, I have dressed pickle in onsie's with the stretch shorts because it is about comfort...but I would never stick a Barret on his little head.

Suzie said...

Good point I'm surprised that bow doesn't just topple her over.

Oh I love hot pink by the way!

Anonymous said...

Confession time. I totally dress my daughter in ways I would never be seen in public. I love matching fleece sweatshirts and pants, rainbow colors from head to toe, and rick rack. Lots of rick rack.

To redeem myself, I never put crazy bows on her. Ever.