Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Know Something You Don't Know

I know when The Bean is going to be born!

Okay okay-I'll tell you. (You've worn me down.)

We're officially scheduled to induce on May 18th [see:happy rainbow countdown ticker in the sidebar for a painstakingly exact (but still adorable) calculation of my remaining wait]! I feel so relieved, and so excited!

I did get a little antsy when I read the fine print. Due to my history of early and far progressed dilation with Baby Bug, plus the short labor with her, the doctor has amended the induction date to "May 18th OR 4cm dilated, whichever comes first (but after 37 weeks)". I'm not 37 weeks quite yet, but I will be before my next appointment-which means that if I reach 4cm by then (I'm 2cm now) I could in theory have The Bug late next week sometime! I like that it would be planned, but that just seems SO SOON! I'd really prefer to wait until 39 weeks...but I'd also prefer to make sure that the kidlets are supervised, Hubby comes with me, and I get to the hospital in time to have my epidural-something I couldn't guarantee if I was walking around 4+ cm.

I should really get on the ball and pack that labor bag...I wonder if I can even find the labor bag...did I remember to buy one? I guess I can just use one of Baby Bug's diaper bags, or the backpack Hubby won for free at Best Buy-that has a lot of pockets. [Is there any doubt this is our third child?]

There's a lot to do in the next 20 days (or less), but not even the insane amount of preparation I have to do can take away from the fact that we get to meet our brand new baby girl in less than three weeks!


Now I'm off to (hopefully) find that labor bag I may or may not have remembered to buy.


Suzie said...

How exciting good luck!

Jenny said...

I am so excited for you! My daughter was born at 37 weeks exactly. I was in preterm labor and dilated at 4 cm for several weeks though.

Your baby graphic is so cute!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! What exciting news! Congrats!

Muthering Heights said...

That's so exciting!!! Have fun with the last big nesting push!

Mrs. M said...

Suzie-Thanks! I'm really excited. And impatient. And stressed out trying to get everything done!

Jenny-Thanks-that sounds miserable with your daughter though-I'm glad everything turned out okay!

The Blonde Duck-Hi! Thanks for stopping by again-I hope to see you lots!

Muthering Heights-Ugh nesting! I'm even getting sick of it myself. You're getting ready for your own 3rd baby in July, right? You're getting toward the home stretch too!

Kat said...

Wow, I'm pretty excited! I only have the one child right now, and he's already four so I may never know what it's like to have three little ones at the same time! I don't plan on having anymore for a while. I'm happy for you!

Also, I e-mailed you about my banner, but Google said I permanently failed or something. I tried sending to your yahoo adress - probably the wrong one. Anyway, I would love it if you would just make me some kind of side bar banner. Just something that says "The Atomic Giveaway" or something like that with "hosted by Atomic Mom". I'm sure you know what to do and you could probably just scribble on it and I would love it.

Thank you so much! If you could e-mail it to me at katadalya at gmail.com I would really appreciate it!