Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm About To Gain Some Weight (Hopefully)

Do you know what I really need? Brownies. A Father's Day gift for Hubby. I He really deserve deserves something delicious for working so hard with our little crew these days. [We're outnumbered now, you know.]

And what better way to show appreciation than in the deliciously edible fashion? With The Bean being so new, all I'm baking in the kitchen these days are Jello No Bake Cheesecakes-which, while delicious, lack that "certain something" which would turn them from quick dessert to gift. Luckily, Rachelle from Mommy? I'm Hungry! could be coming to my aid!

She has a way with food...and with pictures. Not only are her recipes amazing [seriously, you have to try this Orange Muffin Bread!] but just visiting her page makes me drool onto my keyboard. The pictures are so vivid you can practically taste them!

Just the pictures [and the recipes, of course] are a gift in themselves but Rachelle goes out of her way to do a ton of great giveaways-just recently she gave out a Grill Daddy brush but sadly, we have no grill to clean.

I We do however have taste buds that desire excellent chocolate, so her latest giveaway is definitely for me us! She's giving away Fairytale Brownies! Doesn't that sound dreamy? And all you have to do is run over to Mommy? I'm Hungry! before 7pm PST on June 10th and put your name in the comment section!

I'm so excited-these brownies would be so perfect for Hubby....

I might even give him one.


Tiffany said...

Good luck in winning the brownies!

Jenny said...

Sounds yummy! Good luck!

Mrs. M said...

Tiffany-Thank you!

Jenny-Oh I'll need all the luck I can get. I never win anything! Brownies would be a good first thing to win though...=)

Rocksee said...

Naaa.. just keep em for yourself.

Mrs. M said...

Rocksee-Oh I probably will. Muah ha ha ha ha.