Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drumroll Please...

The time has come for the Name These Weekly Blog Features contest to end. Thank you everyone for your suggestions!

Monday's posts about unschooling will be featured under the title:
Mondays Our Way
[Name contributed by darling Hubby]

Tuesday's weekly polls will now be titled:
Tell All Tuesdays
[Name contributed by my lovely friend Helene from I'm Living Proof That God Has A Sense Of Humor]

Friday's feature posts about things (and people!) I love will now be titled:
Mommy's Fabulous Find Friday
[Name contributed by my new friend Robin from Robins Blue Nest]

And now, on to the electronic drawing for the first ever Mommy's Fabulous Find Friday!

Using the True Random Number Generator from and listing my followers chronologically 1-24 (WOW! 24! Thanks you guys!) the very first featured follower for Fabulous Find Friday is......

Follower Number 1 (my very first follower gets my very first featured spot? I love randomly good things!)...the fabulous and fun~

Jen from The Spoiled Housewife!

Be on the lookout for your interview questions Jen-I look forward to posting all about you next Friday!

Don't forget my other great weekly features start next week as well. First up: Mondays Our Way, which this week will feature a recipe for quiche!


Lucy said...

Great ideas :)

Kathi. said...

Thanks for visiting my site! and for the feedback!! :)

Valentine said...

all those names sound great. i am excited for you new features!

Suzie said...

It looks like you are all set

Mrs. M said...

Lucy-Thank you!

Kathi-No problem, I'm glad to see you around here :)

Valentine-I hope you come back and visit them...and me!

Suzie-I am~and I'm so excited to get started!