Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Blog-Now With Shiny New Features!

I've been meaning for a very long time to write about a day in the life of an unschooling family. I even told Mama Bird waaaay back in March during the Ultimate Blog Party that I planned on blogging about it more. Since then I have been a horrible slacker (posting mostly about The Bean and how miserable I was being pregnant) and I have not written one single unschooling post! To make up for your long wait (because I know you've all been waiting with baited breath) I've decided to not only write about it, but to make it a weekly feature!

That's right, I'm making a commitment-starting next week I'm adding weekly features to my blog! Features. Plural.

[Pause for oohing and aahing.]

Too bad I can't come up with witty names for them.

[Cue 'wah-wah' game show losing music.]

Want to know what they are?

Well, one of them is about unschooling obviously-every Monday I'm going to post something about unschooling. A project we've done, a lesson we've learned, a tip, what have you. Sounds fun, right? Woo-hoo education!

On Tuesdays I'm going to put up a new poll. I know I've been slacking on these lately, but I really want your feedback-in what specific way do your children drive you crazy? Do you eat junk food while you watch the Biggest Loser ('cause I do!)? Let's get to know each other! I'll blog the results along with the new poll on the following Tuesdays.

The last feature, but certainly not least, will occur every Friday I want to do a special feature on something I think is fabulous. My first fabulous feature? YOU GUYS! Okay, so it will be a series of features. I am so excited to do this because when Mimi was the Featured SITS blogger I realized something about myself-I love when people that I care about are recognized for something. Not that it has anything to do with me, of course-the talent, in this case, was all Mimi-but it's just the part where I know this person and now someone else is recognizing how fabulous they are! I guess it's kind of like finding a book at a yard sale and then taking it home and reading it a thousand times and loving every second of it-then Googling it and finding out that it is a priceless first edition. It was awesome to begin with but now it's just...awesomer (*wince*)...to have other people appreciate it with you.

I already appreciate everyone who follows my blog-now I want everyone else to appreciate you as well! So here's what I'll do. I will use a random number generator and pull the winner 'out of the hat' (electronically speaking)...then on Wednesday I'm going to send the lucky follower a list of interview questions! Which you are totally free to decline of course, if you don't like being compared to a yard sale find. [Side note~if you do not mind the comparison but are following me in a feed you're anonymous right now-remember if you want to put your name in the computer hat please comment on this post and let me know who you are!] Then on Friday I will post your interview so that everyone can love you as much as I do!

Do you love my new features? I do...except for the part where they are nameless. Not to worry-I've decided they don't need witty names! It's quality content over catchy titles, right? Right? No? Okay, well how about this-my very first feature will be a special one:

Name These Weekly Blog Features!

That's right, if you think of a catchy name and you are willing to let me use it just go ahead and blurt it out-I'll link to you in the post revealing the stunning new name, that way all 20 people who read my blog daily will know that you are a genius. I'll run this until Thursday-if nothing comes up by then, I'll just name them myself.

Or perhaps I can convince the kids to do it. How do you feel about "Mama Baba Bye Bye" Monday? Or "Ni-Hao Tolee" Tuesday?

Don't worry, the kids and I can come up with something, if we all work together. I just can't wait to get these new features rolling!


Mommy of Many said...

I think the features are an awesome idea. It is so adult of you to make the commitment to doing the features. If you are anything like me, you'll just have to remember that you committed.

~ROW~ said...

I look forward to following you. I'm new to this blogging thing, but catching on quickly...I think:) Have a great day!

The Blonde Duck said...

Sounds fun!

Robin said...

How about:

The Unschooled Lot

Mommy's Poll

Mommy's Fabulous Find


Great blog.....
Hope you have had a beautiful day.

Muthering Heights said...

LOLOLOL - "Ni-Hao Tolee" Tuesday...LOLOLOL!

I'm looking forward to checking these out! I'm not particularly good at naming things, but I'll see what I can come up with...

Valentine said...

what fun features! i am looking forward to them.

i am just throwing these out there:

the unschooled fool

see you at the poll

(remember that thing in the 90s when we all gathered around the flag pole to end hunger or something)

and i second: mommy's fabulous find.

Helene said...

I love the idea of this!!!! Very exciting and fun!!

I'm so not creative but what about "Tell All Tuesday". Kinda lame, no?

Mrs. M said...

How great to see so many visitors and new friends following my blog!

Mommy of Many-Funny, I don't feel so adult all the time.

~ROW~-Thanks for stopping by!

The Blonde Duck-Good to see you again. I hope you enjoy the features when they come out!

Robin-Thank you for the suggestions, and the compliment :)

Muthering Heights-You seem creative to me! No pressure though, I know you're busy preparing for your newest little one.

Valentine-I totally remember See You at the Poll days! Thanks for your suggestions.

Helene-I know I'm going to love anything you can add to these features. You crack me up! Thank you too for your suggestion. (I feel bad saying that same thing to everyone but I don't want to get biased before everyone gets a chance to share!)

Paula said...

I like the ideas for features. Polls are always fun :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

These are GREAT suggestions! I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy ALL y'all!