Thursday, May 28, 2009

WARNING:Mom in Mirror May Be Larger Than She Appears

I have always been a curvy girl-and I don't mean "curvy" as in overweight (although that was the case for a while after I got the depo shot) I mean actually curvy. My sophomore year of high school my choir dress measurements were 41-29-39...and yes, the special tailoring cost extra. The disadvantage of being shaped like that is that special tailoring is pretty much always required if you want to wear a dress...and shirts are especially hard to fit as well-either it's too tight in the bust or too loose in the waist. This is why, despite being female, I have hated shopping ever since puberty set in. Nothing ever fits right.

Still, there is one hidden advantage to being shaped thusly-talk about a great way to hide a few extra pounds! Now days I certainly don't measure what I did in high school (I stand generally about 42-31-41 in my non-pregnant form) but if I gain an extra pound or two no one can really tell. It's like an optical illusion.

This is obviously really helpful after having a baby-nothing is better than people telling you how fabulous you look less than two weeks after your third baby is born-but in a way it produces a strange sort of guilt. I feel like I need to make an announcement: Attention people who are about to compliment me-I am not really that small. This is nothing but a biological cheat. While I am down below my pre-pregnancy weight, I'm still about 10lbs overweight in general. This optical illusion is only enhanced by the breastfeeding boobies of course [the Sphinx would look small next to these giant baby feeders], but no matter what people may think they see the fact remains it is my waist-to-hip ratio that makes me appear smaller than I actually am.

It's not me, it's genetics.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still take the compliment-and no matter how guilty I feel about misleading people I'll probably never fess up to my little fat camouflage trick (hey, I need ego boosts too)-but I do have that gnawing sense of guilt about it.

I'm glad I posted this-now that I've confessed to you, my bloggy friends, I feel a little better...

You guys can keep a secret, right?


Jenny said...

You should be proud for getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight so quickly. It took me years! Of course, I gained 50 pounds during the pregnancy.

Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

Your secret is safe with me ;)

PS. You've been nominated over at my blog...go see what for ;)


Noah's Mommy said...

can totally keep a secret...relish it...I could never get away with so much for coming by on my feature day....I love your blog...and have bookmarked it....


Dont beat yourself up. lifes way too short and stressful....have a cupcake! It will TASTE so GOOD. Stopping by from SITS!

Helene said...

Now that's a very sweet secret!!!! I'm more of an hourglass shape too, which I'm thankful for!!!

Kris said...

Stopping by from SITS,....I love the way your blog is done...I'm way overweight even for a 'curvy' girl...people say I hold it well...but I haven't seen my small waistline in a looooong time!! You've got your newest follower here though. Looking forward to reading more!!

Mrs. M said...

Jenny-Well, pre-pregnancy I was 15lbs overweight, so my doc told me I should gain a max of 15-20lbs during my pregnancy. In the end I gained a total of 13lbs, and once you consider that The Bean was almost 7lbs the weight pretty much all came out with the's wasn't much of an "achievement". Though I do totally take credit for following the doc's orders and gaining only what I need to while pregnant.

TwoPrettyLittleSkirts-I knew I could trust you! I'll be over to your blog in a bit :)

Noah's Mommy-Oh thank you for following me! I've put you on my list as number 24 for the Fabulous Find Friday drawings. I hope to see you around often!

AB HOME INTERIORS-Have you seen the latest post? I'm trying to win brownies here! LoL Thanks for stopping by!

Helene-Sometimes it's hard to be thankful, and other times I thank God for it. It's a mixed blessing!

Kris-Thank you for stopping by and thank you for following me! I've been 'big for a curvy girl' too. I went on depo after we had our first (since he was a "pill baby") and I gained almost 100lbs in less than a month! Then it took more than 2 years for the depo to wear off...and the minute it did we got pregnant with Baby Bug...then less than 6 months after she was born we got pregnant with The Bean....needless to say I'm still holding on to 10lbs of it, but I'm glad to have slowly lost the other 90!