Friday, May 1, 2009

The Picture of Kindness

Some of you may remember my freak out about not having a digital camera before going into labor. Then of course there was my general complaining about not having a digital camera, and my subsequent decision to join the Five Minutes For Mom Mother's Day which I could win a digital camera (or an HP Mini 1000).

To those who remember my general self pity and whining I say thank you for putting up with me. I'm going to blame it on hormones, but please note-it is almost certainly a character flaw unrelated to pregnancy.

There is though one special person that I must give the HUGEST THANK YOU EVER to-Kirsty from Momedy.

She is, quite possibly, the world's sweetest blogger. She went out on a limb and loaned her digital camera to whiny, self involved little me-a stranger for all intents and purposes (though I don't feel that my blog friends and I are total strangers!). What an unbelievably selfless and generous thing, am I right?

Thanks to her, all of the pictures in this post are actually me! I can take belly pictures, and pictures of our family, and pictures of The Bean when she is born. I cannot say a big or sincere enough thank you to Kirsty-all I can do is let you know that if you don't know this lady you should.

At the very least, visit her blog and maybe give her extra support for her entry into the Mom Logic Mother of All Bloggers Competition. After all, someone who does such great things deserves great things to happen for her.


Of course right.

[On an entirely separate note-can anyone name the musical the last two lines are from?]


The Blonde Duck said...

She sounds like a great lady!

Taryn said...

Awww! Look at that belly! That is so sweet. You are right. It was very sweet of Kirsty to lend you the digital camera. She helped a friend capture memories of the most precious gift ever! :)

I found you over on SITS this morning and wanted to come by and say HELLO!


Jen said...

Great photos and I love your polka dot top. Very cute.
Hormones are not fun even if you aren't pregnant.
Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day. Come back again.

Suzie said...

That is so sweet

Jenny said...

That is so awesome!

You have the cutest baby belly! I love that top too.

Muthering Heights said...

Get out of here, with your tiny belly...and I remember you mentioning that you had only gained 12 I believe it!

Dratted skinny pregnant girl... >:(

(Kidding, of course...kind of...)

Valentine said...

oh! what a cute belly! i did as you said and stopped by momedy, she is so funny! thanks for letting us know about her.

stopping by sits to say hey-O!

Kim said...

I found you through SITS, I had fun reading your blog hopping post.

Good luck with the new baby!

Mrs. M said...

To everyone-I'm so happy to see how many people are stopping by from SITS! It is great to see you all and I hope that you enjoy my blog and keep visiting! Also, thank you to everyone who tells me I'm cute. When you're 9 months pregnant you can't hear that nearly enough...I feel like Planet Mommy!

The Blonde Duck-She very much is!

Taryn-I know right? What a sweet lady!

Jen-Thanks for swinging by my place!

Suzie-I know! I feel so blessed!

Jenny- =)

Muthering Heights-If it makes you feel any better, I started out a bit overweight-that's why the doc told me to only gain 15-20lbs.

Valentine-Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for doing a great thing for a great lady!

Kim-Welcome! We're very excited to finally meet The Bean.

Kirsty said... *adorable* are you, and I am blushing...:) Thank you for all your kind compliments and it is so very sweet of you to direct people to my blog AND to vote for me

I don't believe in coincidences, I believe you were meant to be my first ever Friday follower :) and we were meant to get to know each other at this stage of our lives, I love how things fall into place.

It is such a pleasure to be able to help a mom out. I love preggies (did you know I am a doula?) and I kept imagining how I'd feel without a camera while getting ready to meet my baby (THE HORROR) and knew we couldn't have you going through that if I could help it. And happily, I could! Life is beautiful :D

But seriously, where do you get off being that cute and tiny about to pop with your 3rd in practically that many years?? Love, loving the shirt too! Can't wait for more photos! Keep em coming. Unless you are giving birth at this moment. In which case you have until tomorrow. Btw, this is my favourite stage of pregnancy-the excitement is practically unbearable. GOOD LUCK.

Mrs. M said...

You deserve recognition. You know, besides being a generally fabulous person you are also a fabulous blogger!

I agree-we meet people when we are supposed to meet them, and everything happens for a reason. I might not be lucky in much, but when it comes to being surrounded with wonderful people, I am truly blessed!

Thank you for saying how good I look. I certainly don't feel that way, but it's always nice to hear it when you're 9 months pregnant and you feel planet-sized!