Friday, May 1, 2009

Absolutely Ready (I Think)

Do you have any idea what I accomplished today? I finally packed my labor bag! *PHEW!*

It turns out that I hadn't remembered to buy one, but luckily I do have the one we used with Baby Bug (which even still contains unused travel sized toothpaste....another indication the girls might be too close together). Since there are only 16 days or less until The Bean arrives (!) It is certainly a load of my mind to have it done.

Kind of.

Is it terrible that this is my third kid, my second in less than two years, and I have no idea what to put into a labor bag? I think it might be terrible. In my defense, after having several children I've learned that the hospital supplies basically everything you need minus a car seat and clothes. They provide it, just in case you don't pack it....moms of second and subsequent children don't pack it because we know they provide's a vicious cycle.

So what do you put into a labor bag for your third kid? I think this about covers it:
*3 different outfits for baby (planning for varying weather/poop emergencies)
*3 different baby blankets (for reasons above)
*Camera (if you're lucky enough to have one-don't forget to bring batteries!!)
*Phone (or phone card if you're retro chic like me)
*Paper list of phone numbers (even if do you have a cell phone-what if the battery dies and/or they make you turn it off?)
*Insurance Card/Registration Papers (third time moms do not bother to I tell myself)
*Travel Toothbrush/Toothpaste
*Spare clothes for self and Hubby
*Entertainment (books movies crossword)

And....uh....and....that's it. I guess. What do you guys think? Is there some essential something that was eaten by baby brain, or has experience just weeded out the unnecessary foof?


Jen said...

Aww!! I'm so glad you're ready! I can't wait for you to have this baby!!! I have 3 now, and am done..but I still get baby fever so I have to live vicariously though others! :)

I used to always pack 3 or 4 sleeping gowns that were hand-me-downs to put on the baby at the hospital so that they wouldn't have to wear just the nursery shirt and their diaper. I always made sure it was something that I wouldn't be upset if it got mixed up in the hospital's wash never to be seen again..which did happen with my 2nd.

And, lip gloss was always an essential for me. I always felt "picture-ready" with it on..even if my hair was a greasy mess and my face was blotched and swollen from the "joys" of new baby hormones! :)

OH! And dont forget to throw in a small toy or two for your other kids when they come to visit you..books too. And snacks. It always kept my kids from running around screaming and climbing on the baby's bassinet.

Oh I just can't wait for you to have this little sweet baby!!! :)

Muthering Heights said...

It sounds like you have everything covered - do you have a laptop?? You might want to blog after she arrives!! :)

Mrs. M said...

Jen-Those are some great suggestions. I'll probably throw in a few extra sleepers! I already have lip gloss-with the other make up I'm bringing-great minds think alike! I don't think that toys will be necessary-Monkey is more interested in sitting with Mommy in the hospital bed than with any new baby, and Baby Bug is only 14 months so I doubt she'll understand what's going on anyway, plus they'll only be there a few minutes if at all. Our hospital stay is "quiet alone time" with the new baby. We don't allow anyone to visit for more than 5 minutes until we're home.

Muthering Heights-I WISH I had a laptop!!! I'm trying to win one in the 5MFM Mother's day giveaway because I want one SO BAD!!

Helene said...

How exciting!!! Don't forget the chapstick!!! For my c-sections, they wouldn't let me eat or drink anything ahead of time so I was so thankful to have my chapstick with me because my lips were so dry!!!

Thanks for the follow! I'm following you now too!

Mrs. M said...

Helene-Thanks for following me! I always consider it a high compliment when talented people like what I do =) Chapstick is a good idea. I have lip gloss, but that hardly seems practical, eh?

Jenny said...

How exciting! I'm almost nervous for you.

Don't you just love baby girl clothes?!

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Just stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hello! Now off to read more of your blog:)

Mrs. M said...

Jenny-Nervous and excited? That sounds about right! Little girl clothes are cute, but I actually think little boy clothes are cuter!

Mrs Sandy-Thanks for stopping by!

Mama Bub said...

Oh, I LOVED packing my hospital bag. The best thing we had, that my mother-in-law brought, was a basket full of individually wrapped snacks for us and for visitors. I was happy to have it AFTER I had the baby, although I just gave dirty looks to people who snacked in my presence while I was in labor!

Mrs. M said...

Mama Bub-Nothing beats a good snack after labor!! And I agree with you-people who eat food while you're delivering a baby are just plain cruel.