Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday

I have just discovered something lovely! I love discovering lovelies-it's so.....nice. My new discovery today is Friend Makin' Monday. Amber at aefilkins is running this fun get to know you carnival-and you know how much I love making new bloggy friends, so of course I just had to participate!

This week's topic is 'What are some of your favorite things about fall?'

I love the weather here-it's cool enough that all the bees go away, but warm enough that you don't have to put on a parka. We still get warm rain in the fall, and always have some lovely sun showers (common and beloved in the Pacific Northwest). The trees are just the right color and the whole city just feels and smells clean.

(Picture by MadieRose)

I do love putting on sweaters though-that's another one of my favorite things about fall! Nice, big, soft, comfy sweaters to snuggle into...and snuggle up to the family in.

(Picture by A.J. Wilhelm)

For some unknown reason, fall is pie season in my heart...and I love making pies. Something about a nice warm pecan pie with some vanilla ice cream on top just does it for me, and the timing is never better than on a nice crisp fall night.

(Picture from

I know it might be terrible, but there is one last very important reason I love fall-because the sun comes up later....which means the kids get up later....which means I might have a prayer of sleeping for more than three hours.

I. LOVE. Fall!!


Ave said...

I love waring sweathers too and the pecan pie looks so delicious!

honeysuckle said...

I like the cozy sweaters too.--and your pictures. Happy fall!

J.J. said...

Man...I think that pecan pie is my favorite. No wait....i KNOW it is.

Michelle said...

mmmm pie and ice cream- you just gave this prego girl a craving lol! Hope you have a great week~!

Becca said...

Great list! I forgot that I will get to pull out all of my sweaters soon. Happy Monday :)

Xazmin said...

I love your list...fall sweaters are the best!

Although we often have to put a big coat on top of that to go out!!

Mellisa said...

I love pecan pie too! But we have it with cool whip...going to have to try it with ice cream. Thanks for sharing!

Sassy Chica said...

I am in denial and so sad to say Goodbye to Summer. This year passed me by in a hot second.

FALL is my favorite season with the changing of the leaves and the crisp cool air!

mmmmm...Peacan Pie is also a favorite as well!! Love the pic!

Sassy Chica

visiting from sits:)

Carmen said...

I love wearing sweaters too!

shortmama said...

mmmmm now I want to make me some pie!!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Fall is pie season in my heart as well. I love baking pies with homemade crust and wearing cozy sweaters as I do it. :)

Mimi said...

Sweaters, campfires and home cooked stews. Fall rocks.

I'll have to play along with Friend Makin' Monday next week!