Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here's Goo in Your Eye

Can I tell you about my day? It was a doozie. After three hours of sleep I was awakened like normal at 7, made the kids some pancakes, and called all of our bill people to try to straighten things out since we spent over $100 that was supposed to be for bills taking Monkey to the urgent care and then to the hospital Sunday night. The bad news came in that I had to go and have a meeting to get one of my bills paid because somebody wanted to see me in person...so I spent FOUR HOURS on the bus today.

And that was just the beginning...

As soon as I'm 30 minutes away from home I start my period sitting right there on the bus. AWESOME. Of course it has to be then-before my meeting, when I'm away from home and have no girl stuff on me (since the last real period I had was in June of 09). So I have to go the rest of the one and a half bus hours with nothing. I race to the bathroom and buy something out of the dispenser before my meeting, and the meeting goes well [Thank God]. I should have known that was not a good sign (once one good thing happens to me, many bad things must follow), because as soon as I leave I get a call from Hubby saying,

"Uhhhhh, honey? What does pink eye look like? Because I'm pretty sure Monkey has it."

More awesomeness.

As soon as I got home I ran upstairs to check on Monkey and sure enough, he had pink eye in his left eye. I swear to you I cannot even tell you how many times I've told that child to wash his hands after he goes to the bathroom, but here you go-pink eye. Apparently I just rant for my own amusement. What can I do? I rub the gunk off of his face, put him in a clean shirt, and get right back on the bus and travel 30 more minutes to urgent care.

Do you know what it's like trying to keep a kid on the bus from touching anything (thereby infecting the whole world with their nasty eye goo)? It's like trying to watch a cracked out octopus. Eventually we make it to the urgent care where (hallelujah!) they have hand sanitizer. We set up camp next to the Purell and are waiting to see the doctor when Monkey tells me his eye itches.

His OTHER eye.

Yep, he has pink eye in BOTH EYES. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!

Right before I threaten to hog tie him to keep him from touching/infecting the urgent care, we get into the back with the doctor and she asks about his symptoms. She tells me that fever and cough don't go with pink eye, so she checks him out a little more-turns out he has a cold and the beginning of an ear infection too.

Yep-a cold, an ear infection, and DOUBLE PINK EYE all in the same kid.

I feel bad for the poor dear. I really do. He is totally miserable right now, and I am babying the crap out of him I promise you...but let me be totally selfish for a moment and say I feel pretty bad for myself too. Hubby steam cleaned both of the kids' rooms while Monkey and I were gone, but I'm going to have to scrub the entire downstairs top to bottom, disinfect all the toys, and do all of the laundry in this house tomorrow.

After being up 22 hours with a sick kid and then getting four hours of sleep on Sunday, being up 20 hours with a teething baby and getting three hours of sleep last night, and spending my entire day running around like a headless chicken today I have even MORE to do tomorrow because of all of this my bankruptcy paperwork sits still unfinished (and lightly scribbled on by a certain Baby Bug) on top of the 6 jillion other things I have to do.

I have never been on a vacation in my entire life, but I think NOW might be the time. Anybody up for Mai Tais in Hawaii? I'll meet you there once I figure out how to sprout wings and fly (but I promise I'll bathe in Purell first).


Vodka Logic said...

You do need a vacation..

Yeah pink eye is nasty my daughter had Chicken pox with hers..

Good luck, you need it xx

Melissa aka Equidae said...

damn....yes a vacation would be terrific! i got a cold myself today..

singedwingangel said...

Well ewww. Man I feel for ya hun.. I hate pink eye and unfortunately boys just do not get the whole washign hands concept.

Samantha said...

You need a serious vacation. I hope he gets better. That is not cool. My Dad once had pink eye and the flu at the same time. All I remember is him drinking Theraflu like it was water...

I'm sorry about all of that though :(

Anonymous said...

Hang in there!

Having a sick kid is the worst!

At least you discovered the ear infections and second pink eye before you got home!

Rana said...

Poor Baby to get it in both eyes. You do need a vaca! Hope he gets better soon.