Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

I went to the college today to take my placement tests (YAY!). The great news is that I aced them-I scored a perfect 99/99 in Reading which means I did even better on the college placement test than I did on the GED test. Because I got a perfect score I am exempt from taking Reading classes which, in true nerd form, I am actually kind of bummed about.

I got a 98/99 in Writing and all I can think is thank God-I would have had to hang my head in shame if I had failed that. Imagine a blogger/freelance writer who couldn't write!

I also didn't fail Math. That is the only standard I can set for math as I am truly terrible at it, but I'm pretty proud of myself for not having to take remedial non-credit classes. Besides, lawyers don't use a heck of a lot of math anyway unless they are going to be tax attorneys-which I have no intention of being.

I got all of my financial aid paperwork done and I was all set to go, and then came the bad news-while FAFSA can get my paperwork done in a week it takes my college two whole months. Basically that means that I don't get to go this quarter unless I can pay for it out of pocket (and that is totally not happening). So now I get to ready-set-wait for the Summer quarter. I'm so excited, if I were a lap dog I would be piddling on the floor right now. Unfortunately I am a human so I'm just going to have to wait as patiently as I can for the next quarter to come around.

Come on, June-hurry up and get here already!


singedwingangel said...

congratulations to you and don't ya hate to hurry up and wait.. Hey at least you can get in during June and not have to wait until fall..

Vodka Logic said...

Congratulations that is terrific. Good luck with the next step