Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fireworks and Other Momentous Occasions

This 4th of July we had our own little momentous occasion-it was the very first 4th that we could actually drag Monkey outside. His fear acute cautiousness has kept him inside every year up to this one, though in the last two years he did manage to watch the neighbor's fireworks through the window. This year we spontaneously decided to do some fireworks ourselves hoping to draw him out of the house, and it totally worked! Of course he stood there with his hands over his ears the. whole. time. but he was there-outside-and he still loved them. To quote his no-longer-fraidy-ness:

"America's birthday is the BEST. I love America. I'm going to give it a big hug!"

He is so totally adorable. The girls are also accomplishing a lot lately-The Bean has finally decided that she wants to pull herself up to sitting all by herself (as opposed to yelling "Mama-UH!" until I come and move her from laying to sitting) and is even now trying to pull herself up to stand. If she can start walking within the next month or two she will be the earliest walker of the bunch! Miss Baby Bug has decided to learn Mandarin with big brother and can now say more than a dozen words herself-not only can she say them, she can SING them...and will, at the first chance she sees. She LOVES to sing, and her tiny little voice is seriously cute. This weekend I will try to get it recorded so I can show you all.

I've not been doing too bad myself-so far all of my classes have a surprisingly easy workload, and I'm getting As in all of them. I've managed to turn in all of my assignments early, and have not once been in class and thought "excusemewhatnow?!". There is much celebrating that last fact.

Still I am the first to admit that no matter how well I am doing in school, my weekends are the very best part of my week because I get to spend them with my sweet, sweet babies (and the fantastic Mr. Hubby who makes our whole world possible). I hope you all are going to be doing something fun this weekend!!

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Melissa aka Equidae said...

What all so wonderful news :) hugs dear! we have a lo of birthdays this weekend!