Friday, July 2, 2010

The Lois Lane/SuperMom Conundrum

Most people don't know that I am a top-secret-double-agent-alien-with-super-powers. It's true. When I go to school I am Lois Lane-a prompt, meticulous, passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic collegiate in a pencil skirt by day-but when I come home it's time to put on my cape (also known as running pants) and become The Kisser of Boo Boos, The Reader of Dr. Seuss, The Cooker of Dinner, The Singer of School House Rock Anthems, and The Arbiter of Tiny Arguments...the one, the only SuperMom. I love everything I do. I love being home with the kids whenever I can-I love homeschooling them and enjoy every day spent singing songs and reading books and giving cuddles-but I also love school. Learning, growing, debating, succeeding in a way that is finite and measurable [look at that 103.8% in MATH....oh yeah!] is thrilling. I see these as two separate but equally wonderful parts of my life which represent different parts of me...but when I reveal my dual identity people have a tendency to get all slack jawed.

My philosophy teacher seemed nothing less than floored when I told him I had three children, and he even got a little furrowed in the brow when I told him that we homeschool them. Telling my discussion group I had three kids was worse-the 19 year old sitting next to me kept repeating "YOU have THREE kids?! YOU?! You're a MOM?!"

Yes. I am.

I am also a PoliSci major, considering a double major in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Chinese Language and Culture with plans to later earn both my Masters in Business Administration and my Juris Doctorate.

Because I am Lois Lane/SuperMom.

[This post was inspired by this week's Writer's Workshop. Visit Mama Kat and check it out!]

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