Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fly Away

My baby has spread her wings. After six months of toddling along beside me she finally got the courage to let go and walk on her own. It's wonderful...and sad. The Bean is my last baby, and she is quickly growing out of her baby ways. Soon I will have only a house full of big kids. Later (but soon enough) I will have a house full of teenagers. Eventually I will have an empty nest, and nothing makes me sadder than the idea of being a Mama bird with no babies to snuggle.

Hopefully by the time my Beanie is eighteen I will have grandbabies to cuddle with-hey, Monkey will be 23 by then and I had three children by that time!

Thinking of Monkey at 23 makes me need a glass of water.

This new adventure is going to be so wonderful for her-The Bean is going to be able to find out new things about the world around her. She will have new experiences, some painful but most of them good. She is just at the beginning of one of the most wonderful times in life-her childhood. I am so proud and happy for her...I'll just have to take as many pictures as possible and try to remember everything as clearly as possible so that I never forget how sweet she is and what it was like to have my littlest baby holding tight onto my hand.


singedwingangel said...

OH man I remember when my baby began walking. he started much sooner then the older 2 I think so he could keep up with them. My heart was broken. Then came preschool and him RUNNING to get on the bus and go to school like his brothers did.. Sighs.. and now I have an 18 yr old who I can remember vividly being just a baby in my arms yesterday..

Melissa aka Equidae said...

I cant myself understand how my son will be 2 in January and me a mother of 2 by then as does pass incrdibly fast